19 April 2017

Pre-organised sessions


Thursday 29 June 2017

Afternoon sessions

A: Modulation as Perceived by the Listener

B: Analyzing Models and Creativity in the Long Eighteenth Century

C: Interpreting and Listening to the Music of Debussy

D: Aspects of Music Theory & Analysis Practices in the Mediterranean Region: Italy, Cyprus, and Israel

E: Modal and Tonal Organization in Polyphonic Compositions from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Baroque

F: Quel futur pour la Formenlehre? Challenging Recapitulatory Paradigms

G: Spectralism on the Margins: Spectral Ideas and Intercultural Influence

H: Epistemologies of Music Theory and Analysis: Sound and Timbre between Structure and Epistemic Construct

Friday 30 June 2017

Afternoon sessions

A: Itinerari d’analisi per la musica italiana d’inizio Seicento nel 450° anniversario della nascita di Claudio Monteverdi

B: New Approaches for Analyzing the Music of Olivier Messiaen

C: Analyser la performance aujourd’hui : enjeux et perspectives

D: Analyzing Mozart’s Operas: External Stakes, Intrinsic Challenges

E: Formal, Theoretical, and Computational Models in Popular Music Analysis

F: Liszt after Liszt – Liszt après Liszt

G: Ambiguity, Illusion & Timelessness in Late and Post-Tonal Harmony

H: Ways of Organizing the Inventory: In Search of a Systematic Ordering of Voice-leading Schemata