30 mai 2017



[Pre-proceedings (extended abstracts)]

The online proceedings of the 9th European Music Analysis Confrence are in preparation under the supervision of Xavier Hascher, Nathalie Hérold, Pierre Couprie, Jean-Marc Chouvel, Moreno Andreatta, Anne-Sylvie Barthel-Calvet, and Candida Fellici, with the collaboration of Alexandre Freund-Lehmann.

All the participants were invited to send either a full paper of 5,000 words (or 30,000 characters) consisting of the written version of the paper or poster presented at the conference, or an extended abstract, at the following e-mail address: proceedings@euromac2017.com.

The template of the full paper is online in DOC and PDF formats along with the Publication Agreement form (to be filled in and signed) in order to include the texts (full papers and extended abstracts) within the conference proceedings.

Note that the abstracts of the general themes of pre-organised sessions will not be included in the conference proceedings.

The available editions below in PDF format are temporary versions (postprints) downloadable pending the publication of the overall final volume which will gather all the texts.